About Us

As the SET ARMS team we are experiencing the excitement of sharing the knowledge and experience accumulated over half a century of production. Our firm has produced hunting rifles since the day of estblishment and its journey started at the start of the 1970's with Mehmet Sütçü as the founder, being one of the first three firms in the region. Due to the principle of the founders profit to investment the trade volume developed at proportional rate. Our product range continually grows and currently Single Barrel, Double Barrel, Semi-Automatic, Pump-Action, Lever-Action, Air rifle and Over&Under productions are conducted at our modern and technological facility. Our firm's quality has not only been proven domestically but also internationally. The firm strategy developed by our founder and principles are still in place and operated by Mustafa Sütçü and Yunus Sütçü.

Our strategy; being aware of the peculiarties necessary in the field of SET ARMS Marksmanship & Hunting, modernization towards our clients and with the strategy to develop innovative and quality product models to be the leading producers within the field. We aim to be continual by developing our relationship with our customers who have been fond of this field.